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Tensioning Fittings


 All of SCS's hardware is manufactured with 316 stainless steel. All cable railing assemblies consist of three features. A tensioning fitting, a termination fitting and the cable in the middle. Every cable run must have a tensioning fitting. By using the featured turnbuckles with the corresponding end fittings you will achieve a clean balanced application.

Tensioning Fittings

Button Turnbuckle

     The closed turnbuckle below will serve a clean appealing look to metal or wood termination posts.
     Combined with our button terminal it makes matching ends. Furthermore, our ends of the turnbuckles screw off. This is a key feature since only a slightly bigger hole must be drilled. You can slide the bolt through screw on the button put the bolt back in the turnbuckle and tighten. All the fittings can be swaged at the factory for professional swaging.

Spec drawings

Deck Toggle Turnbuckle

     The deck toggle turnbuckle can be used on wood and steel applications.
     Any material that can be drilled and tapped for bolts or lag screws can accept the deck toggle turnbuckle.
     All turnbuckles can be used with 1/8 in. and 3/16 in. stainless cable.
     Also this deck toggle can articulate to 140 degrees!

Spec drawings


Hand Swage Tensioning Terminal

     Sometimes the individual chooses to hand swage the final fitting at the termination post. The specially made fitting is designed for just that reason. (You only have to drill holes the size of your cable in your intermediate posts.) 
     You can order one fitting factory swaged and leave the cable long. Once you run the cable through all your posts you can cut and hand swage the fittings yourself!


Inline Turnbuckle

The inline turnbuckle is a great choice for long cable runs. Have the capability of tensioning at will without a huge hassle.

Spec drawings


Jaw Toggle Turnbuckle

     The jaw toggle is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications.
     It can be used for straight runs or at an angle. The pin pulls out to connect to tabs and eyes.

Spec drawings


Threaded Tensioning Terminal

     The simplest and most economical way to tension and terminate a cable run.
     You can also swage the fitting at the factory and install it with slightly bigger holes drilled in your members. Also manufactured in a hand swage model so you can field hand swage on site.

Spec drawings | 3D View


Versa - Ball Turnbuckle

     The versa ball turnbuckle is a tensioning system that is used for angled applications. This turnbuckle used in combination with the versa - ball terminal makes a clean stunning railing system.

Spec drawings




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