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Tensioning Fittings


All of SCS's hardware is manufactured with 316 stainless steel. All cable railing assemblies consist of three features. A tensioning fitting, a termination fitting and the cable in the middle. Every cable run must have a tensioning fitting. By using the featured turnbuckles with the corresponding end fittings you will achieve a clean balanced application.


Button Turnbuckle

The button turnbuckle has very clean lines for a clean appealing look on metal or aluminum termination posts. Most customers use this hardware for long runs due to the fact you can re- tension easily.

Furthermore, our ends of the button turnbuckles screw off. This is a key feature since only a slightly larger hole than the turnbuckle bolt must be drilled. You can slide the turnbuckle bolt through the termination post and screw the button in place. The button turnbuckle is not recommended for wood posts.


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Deck Toggle Turnbuckle

The deck toggle turnbuckle can be used on wood and steel applications.  Any material that can be drilled and tapped for bolts or lag screws will accept the deck toggle turnbuckle.

These turnbuckles are compatible with 1/8 “& 3/16 “stainless cable and are usually used for long runs.

However, a deck toggle assembly can also be used on stairs and will articulate to the pitch of your stairs. You will not need to drill any of your termination posts using this application.


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Hand Swage Tensioning Terminal

     The hand swage tensioning terminal is used on runs where you have to pass the cable through your intermediate posts. You will not have to drill a large holes as if you are running a strand of cable that is swaged on both ends at our factory.

Hand swaging one side of your cable in the field will also prevent errors since you may order all your strands long and trim the excess in the field. For more information on hand swaging please go to our hand swage instruction page.


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Internal Turnbuckle

The internal turnbuckle is a great choice for long cable runs. By having the turnbuckle hydraulically swaged inline at the factory you may tension the cables at will without a huge hassle.

You may also use the internal turnbuckle for stair applications. It works great with lock t terminals on both ends for a clean look on most stair applications. You do not have to drill the termination posts at the pitch of the stairs which can be labor intensive and problematic.


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Jaw Toggle Turnbuckle

The jaw toggle turnbuckle is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications.

It is mainly used for steel applications and can be used for straight runs or at an angle. The pin pulls out on the hardware to connect to tabs and eyes on your termination posts.


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Threaded Tensioning Terminal

The threaded tensioning terminal is the simplest and most economical way to tension a strand of cable. The TTMS can only be machine swaged at our factory. It is often used with a hand swage lock T on the other side.

SCS also manufactures this threaded tensioning terminal in a hand swage model so you can hand swage the last end in the field.



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Versa - Ball Turnbuckle

The versa ball turnbuckle is a tensioning system that is used for angled applications. We see this hardware used on stair applications that are steeper than 30 degrees. The versa - ball turnbuckle used in combination with the versa - ball terminal makes a clean stunning railing system.


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Internal Tensioning Terminal

The internal tensioning terminal is used for short to medium sized runs. The tensioning terminal is hidden on the inside of the post. You only see a small stainless Allen wrench head on the outside face of your termination post.


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