Stainless Cable Solutions is one of the country's leading manufacturers of tensioning fittings, and like all of our cable rail system hardware, they're constructed from tried-and-true 316 stainless steel.  A complete railing assembly consists of three key components: a tensioning fitting, a termination fitting, and a cable in-between the two.  To ensure a safe and proper installation, all cable runs must include a tensioning fitting.

By offering a diverse line of tensioning options, you'll have the perfect hardware for any residential, industrial or commercial cable railing installation.

Button Turnbuckle

With clean lines that look amazing on both aluminum and metal termination posts, our button turnbuckle has been a customer favorite for long runs and those requiring easy re-tensioning.  The ends can be unscrewed with ease, requiring only a ¼” drill hole. Simply slide the bolt through the post and screw the button head securely in place.

Deck Toggle Turnbuckle

Our stainless Deck Toggle Turnbuckle is perfect for both wood and steel applications. Any material capable of being drilled and tapped can also me used.  They're compatible with 1/8" and 3/16" stainless cable and most commonly used for longer runs.  Many prefer them for stair applications, based on their ability to articulate pitch without drilling posts at an angle.

Hand Swage Tensioning Terminal

If your rail application requires passing cable through the intermediate posts, SCS Hand Swage Tensioning Fittings are a perfect solution.  There's no need to drill huge holes to pass a swaged fitting through. You need only to drill one click bigger than the size of the cable you are using for a tight tolerance. Once the bitter end of the cable is passed through the intermediate posts you hand swage that end in the field with our rental tools. You can significantly speed up installation times while reducing the chance of making a hard measuring mistake in the field. Download Instructions here.

Hand Swage Tensioning Terminal Black Oxide

Stainless Cable Solutions has perfected the black oxide process on the surface of all our 316 stainless steel hardware. The heat treated process converts the surface of the stainless steel to a flat black color. Black oxide hardware and cable is a great choice for customers that want something different and unique. It also works well for natural areas where a shiny stainless product might not fit well with the landscape or HOA restrictions.

Internal Turnbuckle

An excellent choice for long cable runs, Stainless Cable Solutions Internal Turnbuckles can be hydraulically swaged inline at our factory - allowing you more ease when tensioning cables during installation.  Our stainless internal turnbuckles are the go-to choice for stair applications, and work very nicely when combined with our Lock T Terminals.

Jaw Toggle Turnbuckle

While it's most commonly used for steel cable railing applications, our Jaw Toggle Turnbuckle is suitable for a diverse range of both straight and angled runs.  We've designed these for easy pin removal, making it clean and seamless when connecting to termination post tabs and eyes.

Threaded Tensioning Terminal

If you need a simple and affordable way to effectively tension your cable strands, our Threaded Tensioning Terminals are a perfect selection.  All SCS threaded tensioning terminals are machine swaged at our Oregon factory, though we also manufacture a hand swage option for those who prefer to swage the last end during installation.

Threaded Tensioning Terminal Black Oxide

SCS has modified our 316 stainless hardware to a heat treated black oxide product. The black color will not rub off like powder coating and is embedded directly into the stainless steel. You can use this product with our black oxide cable and completely match our black aluminum railing systems. Black Oxide is a great choice where shiny metals are not permitted for your HOA or use in natural areas where you would like to blend into the landscape.

Versa Ball Turnbuckle

Working on stairs or angles that are a bit steeper than usual?  The Versa Ball Turnbuckle from Stainless Cable Solutions is perfect when installing stairs, and has been used successfully on applications with steepness of up to 50 degrees.  When combined with our Versa Ball Terminal, this tensioning terminal is as versatile as it is reliable.

Internal Tensioning Terminal

Used primarily for short to medium-length cable runs, stainless Internal Tensioning Terminals from SCS are concealed nicely on the inside of the post.  The only thing visible from the outside face of your post is a small Allen wrench head, making these ideal for more visually-demanding applications.

When used with the corresponding end fittings, Internal Tensioning Terminals make it easy to achieve a clean, perfectly-balanced application every time.  For more information on these or any of our other high quality cable rail hardware accessories, contact Stainless Cable Solutions by phone or through our contact page.


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