At Stainless Cable Solutions we're proud to manufacture some of the finest stainless steel cable railing hardware in the industry.  Our cable assemblies have been used in applications all over the world, and we make it easy to mix and match the rail hardware you need for any type of residential, commercial or industrial application.

Stainless Cable Railing Assembly

Button Assembly

Easy to set up and install when working with steel, aluminum or wooden posts, SCS Button Assemblies are manufactured to provide unsurpassed rigidity and long-lasting hold.

Button & Threaded Tensioning Assembly

SCS Button & Threaded tensioning assemblies work very well with any of the termination fittings we carry for this application.  Measure outside to outside for this hardware combination.

Deck Toggle Assembly

Our deck toggle assembly is a popular hardware choice that attaches securely to wood or steel.  It articulates to an impressive 130 degrees, making it ideal for many stair applications.

Jaw Toggle Assembly

With its unique forked ends that attach cleanly to wood or steel application, SCS jaw toggle assemblies can be attached to welded gusset plates when working on stair railing installs.

Threaded Tensioning Machine Swage / Lock T Hand Swage Assembly

When combined with our hand swaged Lock T assembly, the SCS threaded tensioning machine swage combination work wonderfully on short to medium sized cable runs with hollow core posts.

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