When SCS developed its new line of aluminum railing, the goal was to offer a complete inventory of high quality railing parts that excelled in looks, durability and trouble-free installation.  The end result is one of the most sought-after collections of superior-strength aluminum railings in the industry.

Our top rails have been slimmed down for a sleek, modern look that boasts an eye-catching profile.  Additionally, our aluminum termination posts feature internal ribs with increased wall density on all extrusions.  You simply won't find a better source for professional-grade aluminum rail anywhere.

Termination Posts

Our termination posts are engineered with internal ribs to prevent deflection when tensioning the cables. These are an excellent choice when installing a maintenance-free railing system. SCS aluminum termination posts are available in flange mount and fascia mount.  Choose from many standard colors or custom powder coating.


Intermediate Posts

SCS aluminum intermediate posts are uniquely designed to support top rails, and feature a 1/8" wall thickness that resists dents, weather and years of demanding use.  They're tested and guaranteed to support code-specified lateral force.


Aluminum Top Rail

Our top rails have been redesigned for improved strength and a sleeker appearance.  By decreasing top-rail thickness to 1" while increasing width to 3.5", they offer a more elegant look that allows ample room to lean or rest drinks.


Stair Rail

SCS stair railing is a legal grip suitable for all types of staircase applications.  With a grip range under 2", it can be grasped easily and confidently.  Use them in conjunction with our rail connecting blocks for a flawless, reliable install.


Flat Infill

Our flat aluminum infill snaps easily into the bottom of the top rail, to insure the highest level of rigidity within the rail system while preventing termination posts from deflecting. The flat infill also closes off the top rail system from insects and other pests and is constructed from superior grade aluminum.



From base plates, screws and washers, to caps, connecting blocks and 180 degree splice, Stainless Cable Solutions carries a complete inventory of aluminum railing accessories for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Aluminum Railing Assembly Drawing

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