Stainless steel nuts, bolt and other connector parts are a vital, yet are an often overlooked aspect of a properly-installed hand rail or trellis application.  At Stainless Cable Solutions, we understand the role they play in keeping your property safe, attractive and free of visual or physical obstructions.  We manufacture and stock one of the industry's most comprehensive selections of superior-grade 316 stainless steel rail accessories, including some that are becoming more difficult to find.  Mix and match from our large inventory to give your project a clean, refined look.

30 Degree Angle Washer

This popular angle washer is used most commonly when working with 30 degree stair applications, but can be used in a variety of other projects as well.  Button terminals glide smoothly over the angled washer, giving your application an unobtrusive, finished appearance.

Anti-Bite Shims

If you're installing wood posts and plan on changing the direction of your cable run, out popular 316 stainless anti-bite shims are perfect for preventing cable from cutting into the posts.  As a rule of thumb, SCS suggests using 7x7 cable only on runs with a directional change of 45 degrees or less.

Acorn Nut

Stainless steel acorn nuts are perfect for giving threaded tensioning terminals a clean, finished look.  After you've finished tensioning your cable, the excess bolt can be cut off and capped.  Our Acorn Nuts are made from durable 316 stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Nuts

While cable railing installers prefer them when tensioning threaded terminals, they are extremely versatile and can be easily incorporated into a wide range of other installation projects. SCS also uses these as locking nuts in conjunction with our stainless steel turnbuckles.

Stainless Flat Washer

These 316 stainless steel flat washers are most frequently used to strengthen and reinforce the tensioning nut, and work seamlessly with our threaded tensioning terminal and hand swage model.  Stainless Cable Solutions offers flat washers in various sizes and volumes at the most competitive rates.


Our countersunk versa balls are the perfect complement to our popular button terminals and button turnbuckles, as an effective way of covering holes created during angled drilling.   We've had many success stories over the years on stair applications steeper than 30 degrees.  SCS also manufactures non-countersunk versa balls for tensioning terminals on cable strands.

For additional details, bulk pricing or information on custom orders, give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you in making your next project a success.

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