At Stainless Cable Solutions, our termination fittings are manufactured from the most superior-grade 316 stainless steel, following the most precise military specifications and quality control standards.  Our process has been honed over a decade of experience and expertise, resulting in unmatched durability that keeps them strong, visually appealing and capable of withstanding the many tests of time.

Since no two applications are the same, our line also allows you to mix and match termination and tensioning fittings based on the specific needs of your project.

Button Terminal

Our stainless button terminals feature a modern look and are perfect in a wide range of wood and metal post applications.  We've designed them for minimal physical and visual interference, with the button only visible from the outside face of your post.

Deck Toggle Terminal

Perfect for face-mounting to buildings or wooden post applications. SCS stainless deck toggle terminals serve as a perfect solution for many angled applications.  The hardware seamlessly articulates to the pitch of your stairs, and can also be attached to steel posts by drilling or tapping.

Jaw Toggle Terminal

Whether you're attaching terminals directly into wood with an eye bolt, or looking for terminals that articulate the specific pitch of stairs, Stainless Cable Solutions Jaw Toggle Terminals are easy to work with and designed for decades of reliability.  They can also be connected to steel posts with tabs or gusset plates.

Lock T Terminal

If you're working with hollow core posts, our Lock T Terminal is an excellent choice.  This popular 316 stainless steel termination fitting is only available for 1/8" cable, and SCS will swage the hardware for your convenience.  Bend the cable to 90 degrees before inserting into the post, and the Lock T mollies on the inside for an economical solution on stair applications and 90 degree corners.

Lock T Terminal (Hand Swage)

For those who prefer to hand-swage their termination fittings in the field, our Hand Swage Lock T Terminal offers the same strength and versatility as those we swage here at our facility.

For additional details on our complete line of premium stainless termination fittings, contact Stainless Cable Solutions today.  See why SCS is “The Clear Choice" among so many of today’s homeowners and custom builders.

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