So you’ve decided to install an aluminum railing along your home and after careful consideration, found the perfect spot. You know your options and are ready to get the job done. But it’s not as simple as that smaller garden fence you bought and installed yourself. This job requires a skilled service professionals to ensure accuracy and safety. According to an Auburn University Stairway Safety Study, falls are the number two cause of fatalities. This includes improper handrail installation or no handrail at all. Here’s why you need an expert to install your aluminum railing. 

Expert Aluminum Railing Installation


Cost and aesthetics usually appeal to the customer before other features are considered. And while you’d like to maintain the modern look in your home, it’s more important to consider the safety features and proper installation. Professionals are constantly upgrading, repairing, and learning about the latest technology to improve the function of life for the public. This means that you can expect a professional to choose the correct railing system for your home or building. Should there be a recall on a faulty system, they are the first to know and inform you. 

Knowledge of Codes and Procedures

Building codes make it possible to stay safe by choosing the correct railing. But how would you know this if you didn’t look it up yourself? Procedures and codes are constantly updated. And depending on where you’re planning your aluminum railing installation, you could violate a code and not even know it. The help of a contractor can resolve the issue of neglecting to follow codes and policies.

If you’re looking for an aluminum railing system that is both safe and aesthetically pleasing, contact Stainless Cable Solutions to schedule a consultation appointment today.