Regardless of whether you're building a new home or upgrading your existing railing, you will ultimately have to choose which type of application to go with.  For many, the decision is often a quick one that results in something constructed from wood.  But what about those looking for something a bit more high-end, custom or suitable for high-volume traffic areas?  Also, what type of climate will it be installed in?  Weather is known for warping wood; something stainless steel and extruded aluminum systems are known to resist.

Cable Hand Rail

In cases like these, as well as many other scenarios, cable railing systems offer a wide range of short- and long-term advantages.  Let's review a few of the most impressive.

Improved Appearance Over Time

Have you ever looked closely at a ten-year old wood deck?  There's buckling, blistering and no shortage of ways to ruin your afternoon with painful splinters.  Not only can this pose safety risks, it can also rob your deck structure of the clean lines it had immediately after being constructed.  Cable rail systems, on the other hand, are made from materials which do not quickly degrade or fade, for a rail system that looks amazing years down the road.

Superior Structural Support

A piece of wood will never offer the same levels of support and safety inherent to steel or extruded aluminum.  As a result, these structures need to be replaced more frequently to prevent accidents and all-out collapse.  With aluminum or stainless steel cable rails, this worry is all but eliminated.  The posts and rails are manufactured to provide unmatched strength, making them ideal for properties where children, customers or employees will be utilizing them regularly.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Wood decks and railings need a lot of work, including sanding, nailing, staining and waterproofing.  This is one of the most significant selling points associated with stainless and aluminum systems.  For those seeking a truly maintenance-free handrail, stainless is unbeatable.  If you're not going to have kids climbing on them and don't mind an occasional wipe down, aluminum offers a bit of cost savings and looks that last.

Increased Curb Appeal and Resale Value

If you were shopping for a property, ask yourself something:  would you be more inclined to go with the clean, modern looks of a cable rail system, or one with a warped deck that looks like every other structure on the block?  It's a bit of a no-brainer.  Installing a high-quality cable railing system is a surefire way to improve the value and appeal of your home or commercial building,  making them nothing short of a wise investment in your property.

See Why Stainless Cable Solutions is the Clear Choice

Since we began manufacturing our superior cable rail systems, some of the world's most respected installers have made us their go-to supplier for posts, top rail, accessories and more.  To learn more about the many perks of choosing cable over wood, call Stainless Cable Solutions to speak with us directly.