Deciding to install a cable rail system, as those who’ve been through the process will agree, is anything but a cavalier project.  In light of the high levels of precision, math and planning involved, it’s essential to do a true assessment of what you’re hoping to accomplish once installation is complete.  Certain materials respond more favorably to certain environments, and this is just one of many factors that will determine the aesthetics and durability of your new cable rail application.  

Front porch with stainless cable rail system

At Stainless Cable Solutions, we’re uniquely committed to helping homeowners and businesses choose the best cable rail system based on their needs, vision and budget.  Here are just a few questions that anyone considering cable railing should ask in advance, as they can help ensure optimal performance, appearance and durability.

  • Are you most concerned with your cable system’s strength, value or appearance?
  • Do you live in a location that’s better suited for Aluminum or Stainless materials?
  • Will you be installing a standard design or one with custom forms and unique features?
  • Are you having the system installed for personal enjoyment or improved home value?
  • Have you done your research on reputable cable rail system suppliers and installers
  • What are your preferred maintenance requirements, as they can vary by material

Considering the complexity and cost of some cable railing systems, there’s no room for error or oversight when the time comes to design one.  At Stainless Cable Solutions, we provide a diverse selection of systems in aluminum and stainless steel, and work closely with each customer to ensure that not a single consideration has gone overlooked. 

Stainless Cable Solutions is based in Clackamas, OR and serves customers locally and throughout the entire Northwest.  For more information or to speak with our staff, get in touch by phone at 503-830-2123 or 800-380-9195, or write to us via email through our website’s secured contact page.