As many have discovered over the years, having a cable rail system installed on your property is a wonderful way to add stunning appearance, while at the same time increasing both its distinction and property value.  The element of sophistication and durability they offer is unmatched, making them ideal for property owners seeking something truly outside the norm.  They’re popular among homeowners and businesses across the country, based on the unique appearance they impart in addition to many other benefits.

Living room overlooking deck with stainless cable railing

At Stainless Cable Solutions, we’ve grown to become one of the industry’s most respected companies of both aluminum and stainless steel cable rail systems.  We use the most advanced process to ensure a perfect installation, and offer a wide range of solutions for every type of property.

  • Superior-grade cable rail systems in either stainless steel or aluminum
  • Trellis systems to help complement the look and feel of your property
  • High quality custom railings for both homes and commercial businesses
  • Custom fittings to help you create exactly the look you’re trying to achieve
  • All systems installed by highly-experienced technicians with extensive training
  • Custom railing assemblies to give your home’s interior a one-of-a-kind look

Whether you’re seeking a completely distinct look for your home, or looking to enhance the style and sophistication of your commercial property, cable rail systems are an excellent choice that will maintain function and appearance well into the future.  To learn more about choosing the system best for you, get in touch with Stainless Cable Solutions today and we’ll be happy to help.  We’re located in Clackamas, OR and proudly serve customers internationally.

For more information or to speak with our staff, get in touch by phone locally at 503-830-2123 or call us toll-free at 503-380-9195.  You can also email us 24/7 through our website’s contact page.