Depending on where you’re at in the process of designing or contracting your new home, addressing some important issues can be highly beneficial for those who are considering the installation of a cable rail system.  Because just as no two custom homes are ever quite the same, nor are the cable railings that so greatly enhance their ambiance and long-term value.  Choosing the right materials, finalizing a design, and choosing a qualified installer will all play key roles in how you enjoy your rail system in the years to come. 

Wooden deck with modern stainless steel cable railing

At Stainless Cable Solutions, we’re 100% committed to helping those who are considering having a new cable rail system installed.  Here are just a few of the most important things to keep in mind if your plans for a new home include interior or exterior cable railings. 

  • For exterior installations, choose a material that’s conducive to your climate
  • Having a solid design in place before installation can prevent last minute expenses
  • Choose a cable railing system installer with experience and references to back it
  • Don’t skimp on materials, as premium steel and aluminum will last longer
  • Be sure that you’ve addresses any special permit requirements before installation
  • Not sure where to begin?  The experts at Stainless Cable Solutions are here to help

Cable railing systems are unmatched in terms of beauty, performance and their ability to boost property value.  If you’re planning or building a new home and would like to know more about what’s needed to ensure a perfect installation, we invite you to reach out to our staff for expert insight and time-saving tips.  We’re one of the country’s most trusted providers of aluminum and stainless cable railings, and can assist with everything from material purchases to finding a skilled installer.

Stainless Cable Solutions is based in Clackamas, OR and serves customers locally and throughout the entire Northwest.  For more information or to speak with our staff, get in touch by phone at 503-830-2123 or 800-380-9195, or write to us via email through our website’s secured contact page.