Having a cable rail system installed on your property is one of the best moves any homeowner or business can make. Both aluminum and stainless-steel cable railings instantly add new dimensions of sophistication, beauty, and safety, and are known to help boost property value and curb appeal. But just as no two structures are exactly the same, the type of materials needed to make your cable railing look and perform at its best will also vary from application to application.

Beachfront pool with stainless steel cable rails on deck

As one of the industry’s leading and most trusted providers of superior-grade cable rail systems and components, Stainless Cable Solutions thought it would be helpful to provide a bit more insight on what’s needed to ensure a flawless application. Here are just a few of the most essential aspects to consider when it comes to cable rails, materials, and more:

  • Determine which type of material is ideal for your specific application
  • Different cables are used for short runs, long runs, and direction changes
  • Ensure that the density of your cable is suitable for your rail system
  • If using stainless cable, always consider the grade of stainless steel used
  • Consider using 316-L stainless steel cable when installing near salt water
  • If applicable, be sure to check with your HOA or natural areas in advance

Making the decision to install a cable rail system is one that offers a wide range of benefits, provided that every aspect of the project has been carried out correctly. If you’re in the planning process or considering a new cable railing installation, the experts at Stainless Cable Solutions are here to help. Get in touch to learn more about choosing the right materials, projected cost, installation timelines, or any other related aspect.

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