If you are passionate about leading an eco-friendly life, you consistently make an effort to find new options for reducing your carbon footprint. Some approaches, however, are more practical and cost-effective than others. If you're determined to find an affordable and attractive solution for your home, you could be the perfect candidate for an architectural trellis system, which offers the following key benefits:

Stainless steel railing cables in backyard with pond

Energy Savings

When the sun comes out and your property heats up, your natural impulse may be to amp up the air conditioning. If, however, you enjoy access to a well-built Clackamas trellis system, you could be shielded from the worst of the summer heat. The vines supported by these structures provide exceptional shade, thereby reducing the extent to which your home heats up. This, in turn, could reduce your reliance on costly and environmentally damaging HVAC systems.

Natural Beauty

Beyond saving energy, trellis systems provide an excellent option for adding ornamentation and natural beauty to your home. Many local vines are notoriously easy to grow, requiring minimal use of water or fertilizer. They are a great alternative to the effort-intensive shrubs or other plants often seen in local landscaping.

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