Oregon lawmakers hold homeowners and landlords legally responsible for the safety and maintenance of their properties. Property owners must keep up with inspections, maintenance, and repairs as a reasonable and prudent owner would. Failure to do so, resulting in a preventable guest accident and injury, could cause owner liability. Protect your guests from harm – and yourself from legal trouble – with these tips.

How Are Homeowners Liable When a Guest Falls and Gets Injured on Their Property?

Routinely Inspect Your Property for Hidden Hazards

Before you welcome guests to your property, conduct an inspection to detect any defects or hazards. Pay special attention to common areas of injury, such as swimming pools and stairways. If you notice any potential health or safety hazards, such as a broken railing or uneven sidewalk, post a conspicuous warning sign in the area until you can schedule repairs. It is your legal duty as the owner to search for hidden hazards, repair known defects, and warn of potential dangers your guests may not see.

Repair Property Defects Quickly

It is your legal duty to warn guests of existing fall hazards and repair known defects as quickly as reasonably possible. Leaving fall hazards for an extended period shows you are a negligent property owner – and that you are therefore legally responsible for causing or contributing to someone’s fall accident. You could owe thousands of dollars to a victim for failing to fix a defect promptly.

Prevent Falls With Sturdy, Dependable Railing Systems

Preventing a fall is always the preferred, and responsible action. Fulfill your duties as an Oregon homeowner and help prevent guests’ personal injuries by installing reliable railing systems. Stainless Cable Solutions creates custom aluminum and stainless-steel handrail systems to keep property guests safe during a visit. Guests can rely on the railings provided to safely guide them to the bottom of a staircase or edge of a platform. Installing top-quality railings today could prevent a personal injury claim tomorrow.