Once you’ve made the decision to have a cable rail system installed on your property, one of the most important considerations to make is the type of material that it will be constructed from. The two most popular choices, as those who’ve done their homework are likely aware, are stainless steel and aluminum. And while both are gorgeous when properly installed by a qualified expert, there are some important factors to be mindful of when making the decision.

Choosing Between Stainless and Aluminum Rail Systems

As the industry’s leading provider of superior quality cable rail systems, Stainless Cable Solutions thought we would take a few moments to explain some of the basic differences between aluminum and stainless. This is only a brief overview, and we invite you to reach out to our staff for more detailed information on each.

  • Both stainless and aluminum offer stunning looks based on one’s preference
  • Stainless is generally stronger, while aluminum is easier to shape and form
  • Stainless cable rail systems generally requires less maintenance than aluminum
  • Aluminum is better suited for freshwater locations and can be powder coated
  • Stainless can be a bit more pricey than aluminum, for those factoring budget
  • Both are wonderful choices for those looking to increase beauty and distinction

The type of property you live on will play a fundamental role in how well your cable rail system performs over the years, especially if you live on water and are building in accordance with the elements. Stainless tends to fare better in both fresh and saltwater scenarios, while many who live on freshwater enjoy the value and flexibility that aluminum offers. We’ll be happy to discuss this and other considerations when the time comes to start planning your installation.

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