The right top rail can add all new levels of depth and distinction to your stainless steel hand rail system.  At SCS our stainless steel post systems use customer-supplied wood top rails and blocking, while giving you the freedom to perfectly match your decking installation or work with your preferred composite materials.  Installing a complete stainless cable railing system and looking for block and top rails?  No problem.  SCS can also order these upon your request.

Top Rail Framing

For your convenience, SCS stainless top rail can be made in your choice of either 2x stock (1 ½" thick) or 5/4 (1" thick).  We've found that it's best to order a top rail with at least 6" if width, as this allows you to rip a 2" block and use 3 ½" stock for the top rail.  This eliminates waste, saves you money and ensures a perfectly-installed rail system from start to finish.

Customer Supplied

  • Wood Top Rail, customer-supplied
  • Composite Top Rail, customer-supplied
  • Stainless Top Rail, special order

Don’t make the mistake of trusting some fly-by-night cable rail company when it comes to your new stainless cable railing system.  SCS is one of the country's leading providers of superior quality cable rail systems and stands firmly behind the quality, safety and value of our products.

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