Stair rail posts are more than just another part of the installation process… they're something that will ultimately help give your customers the peace of mind they deserve from their new stainless steel hand rail system.  At SCS, we manufacture stainless stair rail posts that make the installation smooth, while ensuring years of good looks and safety on the user end.

USP42 Stainless Steel Universal Stair Post

Stainless Cable Solutions designed the USP42 to be as strong as they are versatile.  With a wall thickness of 1/8" and 304 stainless construction, our stainless stair rail posts offer relentless strength as well as a clean, modern 180 grit brushed finish.  They're undrilled, allowing you to match the pitch of your stairs on-site, with adjustable post tops for added ease and versatility.

  • Undrilled 304 stainless steel universal stair posts
  • Tig-welded flanges with adjustable stair-post tops
  • Features a 180-grit brushed finish for clean, finished appearance
  • Developed and shipped from our Oregon factory
  • Perfect for installing maintenance-free stainless rail systems

If you're like other dedicated rail system installers, you demand excellence from start to finish.  SCS knows exactly how you feel.  All of our post and rail products are developed locally, engineered stamped & legal, and manufactured using the best materials and processes.

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