From base plates, screws and washers, to caps, rail connecting blocks and 180 degree splices, Stainless Cable Solutions carries a complete inventory of aluminum railing accessories for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Base Plate

  • Designed to be easily attached to the bottom of the aluminum posts, SCS base plates measure a perfect 5" x 5" with a thickness of 3/8" for years of reliable function.

Base Plate Screws

  • Working in conjunction with our 5" x 5" base plates, SCS base plate screws keeps your fasteners flush, secure and out of sight for a clean appearance.

Stainless Cap Washer

  • Constructed of high quality 316 stainless steel, our stainless cap washers are designed to withstand the elements while ensuring that nylon cap washers stay secure.

Nylon Cap Washer

  • Our popular nylon washer caps serve as the perfect finishing cap for covering unsightly anchor bolts.  They snap on easily allowing you to easily conceal lag heads.

End Caps

  • Designed to fit our 100 series aluminum top rail profile, these handy and highly-durable end caps screw on easily resulting in gorgeous, finished aluminum cable railing systems.

Post Caps

  • SCS post Caps make it easy to fill in the bottoms and tops of exposed posts, including the bottoms of fascia mounted posts or 200-series stair post applications.

Rail Connecting Blocks

  • If you're working with 200-series aluminum stair railing, our rail connecting blocks are engineered to screw-in effortlessly to the sides of your posts.

180 Degree Splice

  • A vital component of all butt joint applications, the 180 degree internal splice helps ensure the rigidity of your railing system during installation and over time.

90 Degree Splice

  • Stainless Cable Solutions 90 degree splice is a must-have when working with 90 degree corner angles.  They enhance corner strength and can be custom welded upon request.

135 Degree Splice

  • If you're working on a hand railing application with angles that fall within 135 degrees, SCS 135 Degree Splice is a great way to ensure rigidity and consistently flush edges.

Rail Screw

  • The rail screws are used to fasten the top rail to the post extrusions. These self- drilling screws are # 10 X 5/8”X 18-8 ss and the heads are painted to match the railing color of your choice.

Rail Connecting Block Screw

  • The rail connecting block screw is made to fasten the rail connecting blocks to the side of the post extrusions. In turn this connection is used for the stair rail attachment.

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