For those looking to impart a more naturalistic appearance to their cable rail system, SCS has developed an innovative extrusion that easily accommodates wood top rails. Our wood top rail extrusion features a 1/8” thickness and can span great distances to supports wood top rails flawlessly. This superior-grade extrusion accepts the same infill extrusion as our traditional top rails, eliminating the need to add additional reinforcement to the rail system.

Wood Top Rail Extrusions

In addition to their highly versatile design, our wood top rail extrusions also feature round standoffs that prevent wood components from becoming saturated by standing water and rotting over extended periods of time.  It was uniquely engineered to drain water from the base of the wood rail, allowing for years of stunning looks and worry-free performance.   

  • Real wood design for timeless looks and performance
  • Features a 1/8” thickness for durability and versatility
  • Our Wood Top Rails are fully-engineered stamped & legal
  • Ideal for cable rail systems of varying designs and dimensions
  • Manufactured using the most advanced process and quality control

Whether you’re installing a new cable rail system on your home or commercial property, Stainless Cable Solutions is dedicated to providing nothing less than the highest quality available in today’s industry.  Each is designed for problem-free installation and decades of unparalleled beauty.

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